Hemingway and Cuba: a love that prevails

The famous American journalist and writer, Ernest Hemingway arrived in Cuba in 1929, and it was love with the island’s good. He himself said: “I love this country and I feel at home”, which he did not know then is that the country also loved and still loves him.

Ernest Hemingway, author of “The Old Man and the Sea” spent over twenty years of his life in Cuba. There he developed much of his work “I always had good luck writing in Cuba,” said the writer in a letter to a friend. “Where a man feels at home, apart from the place where he was born, that is the place he was destined,” he wrote on another occasion, making clear reference to their sense of belonging towards Cuba.

Ciro Bianchi Ross, a student of the life of Hemingway in Cuba journalist, sums it up: in Cuba “made lasting friends, drank and shared his drink with the fishermen of Cojimar and even invented a special daiquiri that bears his name”

In Cuba, Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and the Sea”, work that earned him the Pulitzer Prize precious and gave him the fame that won him the Nobel Prize.

Hemingway footprint on the island is not limited to the work developed there. He also left physical evidence of his life in Cuba, as Finca Vigia, place on the outskirts of Havana where he lived for many years. Arrested in 1939 and today works as Ernest Hemingway Museum. In your hotel room you are on display his typewriter with a sheet of paper, his glasses and a pencil in an urn. In addition to many other artifacts that were part of everyday life of the writer. Bars also boast of being the predilection of American and some even exposed a statue of Hemingway leaning on the bar.

It is known that Hemingway left the island on July 25, 1960 and committed suicide a year later. On the reasons for his departure, there are various theories ranging from pressure from his country to disagreements with the Cuban regime. What is known for certain is that in spite of his death, Hemingway lives forever in every corner of Cuba that endorsed. This year new cultural and political ties are being built between Cuba and the US including many new changes like americans can now make envios a cuba por internet and many more.

Health Tourism in Cuba: an upward trend

Cuba, internationally recognized for its medical advances, the quality of its staff and innovative health treatments, has agreements with various countries for the development of health tourism on the island, a trend that has gained momentum in the last decade.

Canada and Venezuela are your greatest allies in this business, but also include Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Central America.

According to the news agency EFE, Cuba sells its health services in more than 40 countries and in 2014 received patients agencies from Canada, Russia, China, Japan, Angola and Costa Rica, all this according to the SMC company.

There are three areas in which Cuba for medical treatment highlights: traditional procedures for addiction and employing novel products of Cuban patent with very good results as vaccines monoclonal antibodies for cancer, and Heberprot.

In the first group of traditional treatments, ophthalmological surgery stands aimed at stopping the progression of retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that leads to blindness. Second, they are the treatments for vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia with products derived from human placenta.

As for treatments for addiction, are the methods to control the drug and alcohol field in which Cuba has more than two decades of experience and has helped leading figures of the world as was the case Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona.

The export of medical services has become the main source of income for Cuba. With an annual average of 6,000 million dollars. Closely followed tourism.

Among the contemplations future of this economic activity, speculate on what might happen if finally the embargo imposed on the island by the United States should lift is inevitable, because it is clear that health tourism could be very attractive to the American nation in the costs of health insurance and rising daily.

What is certain is that health tourism has become a specialty for the Caribbean country, which has refined its procedures for years, the quality of its professionals and even its facilities, according to provide the best for tourists everywhere continue to choose to restore their health on the island. To learn more interesting news visita todocuba.org hoy mismo.

Faster Internet reaches Cuba thanks to Google

With the arrival of Barack Obama to Cuba in a historic moment between the two countries, Google announced, taking advantage of the arrival of the President of the United States to the island, which will start an initiative to offer, the Cuban people, internet access not only free, but 70 times faster than the internet to have access Cubans actually.

President Barack Obama spoke, about this great undertaking, which is part of a much larger plan to improve internet access which is available at present, within the island.
technological innovative center

The way he found Google to start offering this service free internet Cubans is to open, in the study of Alexis Leiva Machado, one of the most recognized and famous Cuba, a technology center specially designed for this purpose artists.

Google built in the sculptor’s studio, better known as Kcho, this technology center equipped with the best technology, as it has equipped with cell phones, virtual reality lenses and laptops.
Increased investment in road

The COO of Google in Cuba, Brett Perlmutter said the telecommunications giant is very optimistic about the fact that this study, which has been dubbed Google + Kcho.Mor is just the beginning of an initiative much more ambitious, seeking to give Internet access to all the people of Cuba.

Also, Perlmutter said Google wants to “show the world what happens when the Cuban creative energy with world class technology in your niche combined,” and the results will be more than sight.

This study, similar to an Internet cafe will be open to the public five days a week, from 7 am until midnight, and can access up to 40 people at the same time, completely free of charge. Learn more about Cuba with todo cuba and everything it has to offer.

I Discovered In-Pietra

Creating a line of faux wall panels and painting the molding to match the wall color creates an architectural element that looks as if it had always been there. Similarly, if this is added a wooden windows would be a very attractive place to place offering a classic style.

Other temporary wall panels used in the home. Many owners do not want or can not afford modular panels, but can use the fabric panels to quickly and inexpensively either to give the basement, attic or garage a new look and a better finish. This type of wall panel is made of heavy fabric like canvas and can be hung in a matter of hours to cover roofs and walls unfinished, giving any space a clean, refined look.

Other types of panels like the ones offered by in-pietra help reduce the time and cost of construction. The construction contractors can frame wall panels almost any project. With appropriate measures, design and special, such as window frames that are needed to produce these panels requirements. They arrive at the place of work, ready to rise, accompanied by details regarding the placement of each.

in-pietra usa

The wall panels are both convenient and practical functional purposes or simply as an aesthetic element. This element is widely used today in the new concept of prefabricated houses that optimize resources using cheaper materials and are built very quickly thanks to the union of different wall panels that end up making a home or a particular room.

How small businesses are using Facebook for videos

Facebook Video is becoming more popular as one of the most effective online marketing tools and advertising time. You can upload and share videos on Facebook to expose your products or services to a wider customer sector. At the same time, videos can also be used as an effective tool to generate additional online traffic to your website. However, no company can achieve sales targets preset simply by creating a video and uploading it to Facebook.

You have to consider a number of factors, important services and to promote your products by posting videos in Facebook, is simply not going to spread by itself you might need to help it a little. This is a great opportunity for local businesses like limousine fort myers and others who want to use videos to promote videos. We also recommend sharing your videos everywhere, not just on Facebook they don’t have to be long, check out the sample below:

By making Facebook videos for your business, you have to concentrate on its contents. The video can be uploaded and shared on Facebook as a tool of direct marketing and sales. While Facebook fans can watch videos on your business page or profile, they may be aware of the products and services offered by your company.

When the video is able to impress your fans on Facebook, that is, it means that they are interested in learning more about the advertised product, visit your site more. Therefore, you should devote some time to decide the message you want to convey to current and potential customers through your videos.

Should I go with marble or granite for my kitchen?

if you are seeking a new design or new look for your kitchen, if you are looking for durable, stylish and resilient then marble or granite are some of the best options, but which one is better?

Although marble is a beautiful material its a material with a very low density and this tends to stain which means it can be easily scratched. It is a material with very light colors and classic texture, although in some cases you can use some marble covers for cooking is not recommended. Because It’s a natural stone it contains porosity and thus you have to apply a sealer every so often.

marble & granite kitchens

On the other hand granite is a material with a higher density which is very different to marble, it’s also very scratch resistant and can withstand high temperatures without problems, it is a very elegant and classic material. Although it has no solid tones  usually you’ll find white or shades, being a more extravagant material of intermediate cost. Granite is often used because of the durability and long term material that can make a kitchen look great for year. Marble is a more luxurious option because it comes in a variety of shades, textures and designs that people like.

When it comes to choosing whether you are going for marble or granite be sure to stop by marble palm beach to learn more about the difference in the many stones and from there you can make a wide decision on what works best for you. We say depending on your budget be sure to pick something that looks good on your kitchen but it can also last for years, remember a great kitchen increases the value of your home.